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Please refer to website of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the site policy.

Cookie Policy
Use of cookies & similar technologies
This website collects certain information by using cookies and other similar technologies to improve the usability and content of the website.

Cookies & similar technologies
A cookie is data that is sent from a website as a tag to identify the relevant device when the user has accessed a website using a device and that is stored in the device.
By using cookies, we can get information on the number of accesses to the website through the device used and other websites the customer visited in the past.
The functions of cookies and other similar technologies can be invalidated by setting the user’s browser appropriately as explained below.

Tools used, information collected and purpose of use
Tools used on this website, information collected by use of the tools, and the purpose of their use are as follows.

■ Google Analytics provided by Google Inc.
Information collected: Use status of this website by users (access status, traffic, routing, etc.)
Purpose of use: Improve the usability of the website.
Google Inc. will collect and use the website’s use status.
For details, please refer to the following websites.
Google Analytics terms of service (External link)
How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services(external link)
For the privacy policy of Google Inc., please refer to the following website.
Google privacy policy (External link)
Information on Google Analytics can be obtained from the following website as well.
Detailed information on Google Analytics (external link)

Cookies obtained
This website has obtained cookies with the following tools.
・Google Analytics: A tool to analyze the customer use status of this website
・OneTrust: Cookie setting management tool
* See Cookie list.

Website to obtain cookies
We have obtained cookies mentioned above from the following website.
* Refer to the list of websites introducing the cookie setting management tool OneTrust.

How to delete or invalidate cookies and similar technologies
(1) How to delete all cookies
The cookies saved in the user’s device are kept stored there unless the user intentionally deletes them or until they expire.
Most browsers in widespread use activate cookies by default, but it is possible for the user to delete cookies on his/her browser.
Please refer to the following links on how to delete cookies in each browser.
Google Chrome (External link)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (External link)
Microsoft Edge (External link)
Mozilla Firefox (External link)
Apple Safari (External link)

(2) How to invalidate/validate cookies
For the following cookies, you can invalidate or validate them with the following buttons.
・Google Analytics:The use status analysis tool on the customer’s website

(3) You can decline tracking of Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics opt-out add-on.
The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is a function for the user of the website to disable the use of data by JavaScript. To use the function, download the add-on and install it in your browser.
Google Analytics opt-on add-on (External link)

(4) For other information about opt-out of cookies, please contact us below.
Bureau of Port and Harbor Planning and Construction Division Planning Section